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Medicare Part D-Who Qualifies?

For those who are eligible for Medicare, they can enroll in one of the Medicare Part D plans that may be available form their states. Medicare eligibility is often for those who may be 65 years and above and they must as well be US citizens or those with permanent residency. If at all you qualify for Medicare due to a disability, conditions such as End-Stage renal disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, then you as well qualify for Medicare Part D.

Enrollment to the Part D Medicare plan is absolutely optional. Over and above your normal premiums, you will only pay some slight additional monthly premium for the coverage for prescriptions. Now, if at all you already have a coverage, then you can hold on and join a prescription drug plan, PDP. But before you choose to do this, you need to do some research into the available plans. This is looking at such facts like in the event that your current prescription drug coverage is not matching up to Medicare Part D coverage, then you may have to pay some Medicare penalty for joining late.

Added to this, talking of qualification for Medicare Part D, you need to remember the fact that in the before you enroll in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or the Medicare Advantage Plan, you will for a necessity have both the Medicare Part A and B. Over and above this, you must be a resident of the area that the service plan you want to join operates, meaning that the plans are regional and not nationwide. Read on and learn more on when one can get to enroll for the Medicare Part D plan . You need to get more Part D information from MedicareWire.

Talking of when to enroll to Medicare Part D, it is open for you to enroll as soon as you are eligible at first. During this period of first eligibility, you will have a period of about 7 months, known as the Initial Eligibility Period. This period, the IEP, starts three months to turning 65 and runs to three months after your birth month.

But in the event that you have Medicare as a result of a disability then this timing is a bit different. In such a case, one will be free to enroll in a PDP three months before and three months after their 25th month of disability payments form the agencies. Added to this, there is as well the Annual Enrollment Period for both the Medicare Part D and the Medicare Advantage Plans. Visit here to compare plans using .

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